The Pale Wyrm


Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Age: Great Wyrm
Element: Fire
The dragon Kaerixen is well over two-thousand years old and is the absolute ruler of the nation of Darastrix Nur. He is grandiose, ego maniacal, and vain. The creature is known for being prone to capricious whims and it is rumored that the dragon may very well be insane. Kaerixen fears that he is reaching the end of his lifespan and is desperately seeking ways to achieve true immortality. Kaerixen is striking; enormous in size with scales of pale gold and black with dark streaks along his wings and throat, all topped with fearsome crown of horns. The dragon can generate intense heat from it’s body, and can reduce a victim to ash in moments with his flaming breath. Kaerixen is also renowned as a particularly formidable spellcaster.

On the few occasions he adopts a humanoid form, he prefers the shape of a golden scaled lizardfolk.


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