Caretaker of the Great Western Library


Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: Ancient
Element: Air

The Dragon known as Naktara has been a guiding power in the nation of Antico for over 600 years, and is the guardian of the Great Western Library. Where other dragons hoard wealth, Naktara hoards knowledge, and is most likely the most well-read creature in the Realm. She is cerebral and frequently pedantic, but is always polite and gracious, even to those who are rude or ignorant.

She commonly adopts the form of a youthful human woman with platinum blond hair.
Her rarely seen draconic form is an elegant, with silver scales polished to a mirror-like gleam. When called to fight, she will unleash her impressive magical powers to subdue her opponents, only engaging in physical combat if no other option is available.

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