Professor Sinavus

Carcosan court mage/prisoner


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Race: Human
Class: Sorcerer

An oddity in a city of oddities Professor Sinavus holds the only stable position in Carcosan politics, the court wizard. He was once a renowned teacher of Kaygani nobility. One day he found a coral ring. The ring resisted all examinations. When Sinavus finally put on the ring he was suddenly pulled into the city of Carcosa. He found that he could leave, and every citizen automatically considered him to be the court wizard. In his 45 years of residency he has not aged a day. He is now hoping that his actual lifespan isn’t increasing because he lacks the conviction or compelled to not commit suicide.
In his research he has found a reference to four other rings.


Professor Sinavus

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