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  • Owlcats

    Owlcats are a small animal related to Griffon. They have the head, forelimbs and wings of an owl and a feline lower body. Behavior wise they are similar to wildcats but retain the more raptor like hunting instincts. The animals can be domesticated, but …

  • Griffons

    *Griffon Breeds* The Realm has a variety of creatures that belong to the Griffon family, but display unique traits, characteristics, and abilities. Grifflings [[Owlcats | Owlcats]] [[Secretoune Grifflet | Secretoune Grifflets]]

  • Secretoune Grifflet

    The Secretoune Grifflet is a aerial predator native to a small region of the Hrim Mountains the Kagstam peaks. While much smaller than the typical Griffon, the Secretoune retains the aggressive, territorial temperament of the larger breed. The are also …

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