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  • Skinwalker Feats

    h4. *Beasthide* *Prerequisites:* Con 13 , skinwalker, natural armor feature. *Benefit:* While in bestial form to gain a feature that grants Natural Armor, you may expend an additional use of Change Shape to increase the bonus granted by +3 for long as …

  • Skinwalker

    Skinwalkers are a race of animalistic, shape-shifting humanoids native to the Northern Reach. They are the collective descendents of human tribes that intermingled with lycanthropes until the curse became subsumed into the bloodline. The personality …

  • Skinwalker Traits

    Only Skinwalkers may select these traits.

    *Bloodlust:* You thrill at any excuse for violence. Although you might have learned to focus or suppress this urge, it still gives you energy in a fight. Once per day, when you deal damage to a foe with a …

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