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The current calendar has been in use for over four-thousand years and was invented by Dwarves. From there it spread to the other major cultures of the Realm and is used almost universally. The Calendar consists of twelve 30 day months and four festival days (for a total of a 364 day year). Different cultures often have different names for the days and months the structure of the calendar remains the same. The current year is 4126 MC (Morad Calendar).

Week Day Task
Dwarven Elvish
First Day Ongzon Elenya Work
Second Day Tukzon Anarya Work
Third Day Dwezon Isilya Work
Fourth Day Futzon Alduya Work
Fifth Day Sakzon Menelya Work
Sixth Day Sizzon Valanya Work
Seventh Day Setzon Tarion Rest
Month Equivalent Days Season
Dwarven Elvish
First Moon March Belshar Yestithil 30 Low Spring
Laughing Moon April Jarghshar Lalithil 30 Mid Spring
New Year’s Festival Debzontrog Winyen Gala 1 Spring Festival
Sowing Moon May Thaxshar Rendithil 30 High Spring
Traveler’s Moon June Thanshar Vanithil 30 Low Summer
Farmer’s Moon July Grundshar Hyarithil 30 Mid Summer
Games Festival Torstrog Tyalie Gala 1 Summer Festival
Hunter’s Moon August Kuldarshar Farithil 30 High Summer
Sage Moon September Ovshar Sintarithil 30 Low Autumn
Reaping Moon October Kordashar Yaavanithil 30 Mid Autumn
Harvest Festival Grontrog Yaavan Gala 1 Autumn Festival
Resting Moon November Grimshar Estithil 30 High Autumn
Ghost Moon December Urshar Manuithil 30 Low Winter
Dreaming Moon January Gamashar Kaimelithil 30 Mid Winter
Shadow Festival Duertrog Dae Gala 1 Winter Festival
Last Moon February Raughshar Tellithil 30 High Winter

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