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The Beginning

Thiasa (of which the Realm is but one part) is a world of ancient legacies, eternal conflicts, and deep mysticism. While the myths of how the world came to be are many, the oldest and wisest say that the world exists at the nexus of many converging forces. Energy from the elemental planes created the land and the bubbling fire within; it created the oceans, the storm, and covered it all in living green. Power from deep within the positive plane filled the world with life and populated it with spirits, while the powers of negative plane called them back when their time had ended. The strength of law gave meaning and structure while the might of chaos gave inspiration and possibility. Divine forces and beings, both sacred and profane, bled into the world, bringing the potential for spiritual growth to the nascent souls of the beings that would one day populate the world. And in turn, these living souls granted power back to those higher and lower worlds. And it was all held together by the boundless power of magic.

For eons, the world was a vast pristine wilderness, primal and unspoiled. During this time, many of the beasts grew wise, and began to comprehend the world in which they lived. Among the first of them was a race of creatures that would come to be known as the Eldest. Born into a harsh world plagued by fierce weather and fearsome predators, the Eldest adapted and advanced quickly from primitive barbarism to a sophisticated culture. These beings crafted wonders of art, architecture, and sorcery that have been since lost to all memory. And so the the eldest lived as stewards of this young world for millennium upon millennium.
The Eldest were as alien and implacable as any force of nature, with deep power and awareness, yet lacking empathy. They Eldest bore witness to the other races slowly crawling their way up from being mere beasts to being something more.

The First Epoch

The age now known as the First Epoch was defined by the rise of these First Races. These were being grown powerful from the primal energies of those early days. Their numbers included the cunning and bizarre Aboleths, the powerful and ferocious Dragons, and the enigmatic Mu, and several strange breeds lost to the mists of time.


The Aboleths of First Epoch were as alien and calculating as they are today. Seeking power wherever and whenever they could, they clashed frequently with the other races of this time. While all of the ancient races took an occasional interest in less developed races and creature, the Aboleths excelled at warping other lifeforms to their needs. To this day, many of the their failures and successes have breed true and continue to stalk the land and seas.


The Dragons were (and still are) incredibly intelligent and immensely powerful, yet driven by bestial instinct and ferocity.The dragons of this age were the masters of all they surveyed, and often were the first true rivals of the Eldest, and held sway wherever the Eldest did not. While many dragons shunned the idea of civilization and live the simple existence of a apex predator, others reveled in using their power to inspire awe, fear and worship.

The Mu

For other early races, this was a savage period of time. Lacking the resources of the First Races, they were tasked with carving their own place in the world. While most of these races are lost and forgotten, some (such as the lizardfolk, the ophidians, and the mightiest of giants)still exist into the modern age.
The First Races (especially the Dragons and the Eldest) were not above manipulating less advanced peoples, and many cultures were caught in the conflicts of the First Races. Eventually, The Eldest and The Dragons become bitter rivals, and settled into a prolonged cold war, preferring to operate through their chosen agents; the Lizardfolk and the Ophidians.

The Empire of the Sun
In this time, the Lizardfolk claimed almost the entire southern portion of the Realm as their own; controlling a range that stretched from the Curtain Jungle in the west to the Darastrix Mountains in the east. They enjoyed the patronage of the Dragons, who looked upon them fondly, and worshiped a sun god they called Siksta. It is their reverence for this deity that the Lizardfolk Empire became know as The Empire of the Sun

The Scaled Empire
The fiercest rivals of the Lizardfolk were the Ophidians. While they controlled less overall territory, their consolidated might in the territories surrounding the Serpent Sea were nearly unchallenged. Unbeknownst to them, the Ophidians were supported and influenced by the Eldest, who used them to limit the influence of the Dragons.

During this time, the two reptilian races clashed bitterly, and retain a racial antipathy for each other that stretches into the current era. Between the two empires, they erected great monuments and collected stores of knowledge. While most of the secrets have been lost to time, their ruins still dot the land, and fragments of their lore lie in ancient vaults.

The Rajul-Hain
The Rajul-Hain were an artificial race, crafted from the elements of the earth by the magic of the Eldest. In the beginning, they numbered 25,000 and served as the agents, ambassadors, soldiers and assassins of their makers. While loyal to their masters, the Rajul-Hain were granted intelligence and a great curiosity of the world, and many were freed to explore the world as they saw fit.

The Zhurl
The Zhurl are easily one of the oldest of races, chronicling the rise and fall of empires while other races were still mastering fire. Despite their ancient lineage, the Zhurl lacked the raw mystic power of many of the other older races, and were content to watch from afar their struggles for power and dominance.

The Mourn War
For Eons, the Eldest had studied the the world and the planes beyond,hoping to unlock even greater arcane insight. Their experiments triggered a arcane disaster of a scale not seen before or since, and permanently altered the metaphysical landscape of the world. holes appeared in the very fabric of the material plane appeared and allowed a flood of creatures from the outer planes to invade the world. Among them creatures known as the Mourn. The Mourn were a race of undead artificers, who had effectively stripped their own world of vital life energy, and hungered for more. They saw an almost endless bounty on Thiasa. With them they brought a flood of negative energies, and for the first time the undead stalked the land.

These insidious travelers arrived in force, wielding strange necromantic powers and dark artifice. By the time the fissures linking their world to Thiasa closed, waves of them had invaded, bent on conquest. After what is believed to have been over a century of conflict, the war came to a head in a final, brutal confrontation. The loss of life was staggering as the Mourn and First Races used every resource to destroy each other. Entire races were wiped out in the conflict. Victory finally came when the last Mourn Crypt-Citadel fell and their last leader destroyed. After that, a brutal pogrom was instituted that hunted down and exterminated their remaining undead servants. But the conflict took its toll.

Decline of the First Epoch
The Eldest were not a populous race. Their extremely long lives meant they reproduced at dramatically slow pace, and waging a century long conflict against a terrible enemy reduced their numbers to a fraction of what they once were. The rare and reclusive Mu, also reeling from the war against the Mourn, retreated into the depths of the earth. The Dragons also suffered greatly,but the heaviest toll fell upon the Lizardfolk and Ophidians. These races suffered staggering losses, and their long decline of their respective empires had begun. Even the Rajul-Hain, favored servants of the Eldest, suffered greatly, their numbers reduced to a mere 5000 by the conflict.

The Second Epoch

It is in the aftermath of the Mourn War that the Second Epoch was said to have begun. The losses suffered by both Lizardfolk and Ophidian left a vacuum of power that the other races of the time eagerly filled. It was also during this era the first primitive tribes of orcs, alunir, minotaur, humans, and others began to gather. In the Region that would become known as the Realm, the great empire of the Giants grew strong, and fought to wrest power and influence from the kingdoms of the Lizardfolk and the dwindling holdings of the Ophidians.

Vanha Vat–The Giant Empire
What is considered recorded history begins approximately 8,000 years ago with the nation of Vanha Vat.

Dwaves – The Eisendai Explorers

Elves – The Eisendai Exiles

The Decline of the Old Empires

The Mountain Wars

The Fall of Vanha Vat

The Empire of the Eldar

The Dwarven Coalition

The Ruin of Khaz Dairn

The Dragon Wars

The Legacy of Vanha Vat

The Dreaming Demon

The Skiss-Har Pogram

The Eldar Schism

The Western Lands

The Destruction of Tir Tirai

Five Nations of the Eldar

The Third Epoch

The Destine Empire

The Eisendai Refugees

The Wolf Clans

The Blight

The Northern Kingdoms

The Lands of the Dreaming Demon

Clashing Empires

The War of Princes

Dracon Exodus

The Destine Nations

Arndor, Ciernasten & Wyr

Vall, The Great Northern Kingdom

Trivium; City at the Crossroads

The Cursed City of Vagara

Darastrix Nur, the Dragon Stronghold

The A’linai

The Southern Kingdoms

The Goblin Nations

The Republic of Ulric


The Wyverns of Kanovar

The Crimson Shrike

The Waning

The Return of the Mourn

Arrangement of Stars

Fire from the Sky


Realm Blackroom