Landmarks of the Realm

Black Glass Caldera
Location: Black Glass Peak

The Brass Vault
Location: Alai Desert

The Cairn of Swords
Location: Destine Forest, North West of Velsig

Castle Blacktooth
Location: Morad Mountains, near Wyvern’s Keep

Location: Morad Mountains, South of Iron Bluff

Drakos Mati (the Dragon Eye)
Location: Morad Mountains, North of Drakon Ur

The Dread Ring
Location: North of Bahr Azraq
The Ring is a circular wall comprised of dense stone and is exactly 100 meters in diameter and stands 4 meters high. Other than scaling the wall, there are no other entrances. The stone seems immune to all forms of damage, and radiates a powerful aura of conjuration and necromancy. Within the ring there is bare, hardpacked earth where nothing will grow. Locals consider the land cursed, and speak of strange maladies and misfortunes befall those who meddle with it.

The Dreaming Demon
Location: Devilwood, North of Ciernasten
Located a days ride to the northwest of Ciernasten, stands the Dreaming Demon. The being is of infernal origin, with red hued skin, powerful wings and curving horns. It is monstrously large, standing over 100ft tall, and bound by large chains of an unknown metal to an equally massive stone edifice. The demon has been sleeping for millennium, who only occasional stirring. Exactly how and why the demon came to be bound is a mystery that no one has yet unraveled. All attempts to awaken it, through coercion or injury have failed.
The creatures profane aura has blighted the land around it for several miles. The soil yields strange vegetation and the animals born within become twisted and corrupt. This area is plagued by all manners of fiendish creatures that find escaping from the confines of the infernal realms much easier in the presence of the Dreaming Demon. Anyone foolish enough to detect evil within this land are quickly overwhelmed by the intensity of the Demons power.

The Drowned Cathedral
Location: Black Lake, South of Sestrana

Fort Arroway
Location: Morad Mountains, West of Drakon Ur

The Heiligdom Obelisk
Location: Heiligdom
The Heiligdom Obelisk is structure located in the geographic center of the city and sits at the focal point of the mystic nexus. The building stands approximately 500ft tall and is constructed of stone and quartz and glows with an eerie radiance at night. The structure is designed to channel and control the surrounding energies and is used as a ritual site by religious organizations that have paid the proper usage fees.

Location:South of Gastvan

Kagstam’s Peaks
Location: Hrim Mountains. Eastern Slope
A series of stones that were named fot he cartographer that marked them first, these spires of rock are an easy landmark to spot as one travels the eastern slope of the Hrim Mountains nearest Hrim Votar.
The rock formations appear as a fist made of stone when viewed from a distance.But as one approaches, the fist “unclench” to reveal several outcroppings and passages into the sheer walls. Travelers frequently use the area as a safe place to rest, and it is the only place within the Realm where one can find The Secretoune Grifflets, an ornate and elegant breed of Griffin.
The crags have stood unsullied and unclaimed since first charted by Kagstam, as most are awestruck by the natural beauty of the region.

Khaz Dairn
Location: Oileán Island
Dwarven children everywhere are told of the tragedy of Khaz Dairn. When the Dwarfs first came into the world, roughly 1/5 of their number decided to settle down in mountainous region of Oileán. And so they prospered for many years, becoming the crown jewel of Dwarven society. After the death of the first king there was the question of which of his twin sons would succeed him. The names of the pair change telling to telling, as does the method of succession. The loser jealously fumed, attracting the attention of a hag. She offered to put the prince on the throne in exchange for a few measly children. Deals were struck and within a month the new king fell ill and died. Only the disease didn’t stop with him. Soon the plague afflicted every one saving the prince for last. The authenticity of this story is up for speculation, and even the most forgiving scholar acknowledges that parts have been added or altered to scare children. The fact remains, however, that a ancient dwarven ruin remains surprisingly intact, especially considering the gremlins.

King’s End Falls
Location: Destine Inlet, South West of Carson
Thus named for the tragic boating accident that claimed the life of King Madric Destine, the only crowned King of Kaygan.

Location: Ulric Woods

The Red Tower
Location: Alai Desert

Ruins of Kromm
Location: Alai Desert
Deep under the shifting sands of the Alai Desert lies a secret that many treasure hunters would kill to discover. The remote recesses of the desert contain the ruins of a vast lizardfolk settlement known as Kromm.
Kromm was once considered on of the finest and wealthiest of the lizardfolk cities during the First Epoch. One day, a ferocious sandstorm descended on the settlement, burying it entirely over the course of a day.
Now what is left of the city lies hidden beneath the sands. Pilgrims , historians, and relic hunters frequently make trips to the region, but thus far none have been able to find the lost city.

The Salt Marsh
Location: Border Wastes, on the edge of the Daraxalu Sea

Location: Kaygani Bay, West of Kaygan City
The most infamous prison of the West.

Shanar Gijak Shrine
Location: Northern Rufan Plains

Siksta-Woari Shrine
Location: Dead Marsh

Location: Carak Mountains

Tir Tirai Ruins
Location: Central Calen Forest

Trolls Nest
Location: Eastern edge of the Great Northern Forest

The Unyilding Sands
Location: Border Wastes

Vandal Keep
Location: Destine Forest, South East of Vandalheart

Vanha Vat Ruins
Location: Carak Mountains, North of Stenave

The Well of Light
Location:Sun La Mountain

Wyr Monolith
Location: West of Wyr City

Landmarks of the Northern Reach

Aura Luna (Nature Abandon)

Boiling Rock Caldera

Chain Hold

Cove of Death

The Creeping Rot


Fallen Watch

God’s Rest

The Grand Bell

Ire Mouth

The Iron Spire

Karak Pass

The Maw of the World


The Staring God

Tower of Gold

The Winter Cave

Landmarks of the Sun Countries


Kekma Swamp

The Mother Hive

The Whistling Sands

Landmarks of the Horizon Lands

The Wet Desert


Realm Blackroom