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Within the Realm, the prevailing belief is that the force commonly known as “magic” is the key element that binds the world together. It is a part of all things, and even the most mundane of creatures and things contain a spark of that vital energy. Magic is both responsive and volatile. It can be manipulated by those of sufficient mental and spiritual strength, but often behaves unpredictably when not guided. This unpredictability has spawned a seemingly endless variety of mystic phenomena, ranging from unique events to persistent manifestations that have lasted for eons.


A spellcaster’s Anima is a visual illusion that manifests whenever a spell is cast. This is most commonly an aura or glow around the casters hands or eyes. The color is one that is significant to the caster, and could be thought of as their “signature” color. Some spellcaster’s produce a auditory or olfactory illusion as well. A casters Anima can be suppressed at will, except when casting spells from their highest known spell level, which requires a DC 20 caster level check to suppress the effect.

Arcane Magic
Divine Magic

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