The Realm is home to many specialized Organizations. The traits of these Organizations are outlined below.


This represents the beliefs, goals and methodology of the Organization. While nothing prevents an individual member from being of any alignment, those whose personal beliefs match well with the Organizations goals enjoy the most long term success and prestige. Those of a nature that conflicts with the Organizations are likely to never be allowed to join, and those that do can expect a (frequently short) career of internecine strife.


Organizations will typically have a preference for members that display particular sets of skills and abilities. As such, favored classes represent the most common member of the organization. Occasionally those from other classes join (typically as specialists), but their numbers are few against the rest of the membership roster.

Feats & Prestige Classes

Some organizations have specialized training in the form of feats and prestige classes. These advantages are usually exclusive to members of the organization.

Membership Trait

Each Organization has a Membership Trait. This is a trait that marks a character as a member of that organization and grants an advantage in line with that organizations training.This feat can be selected from available traits at character creation,or granted to a character as a reward for completing a campaign goal.

Notable Members

Organizations almost always have a few luminaries that stand above the rank and file members.


Organizations frequently have some type of heraldry or signet.

Organizations of the Realm

B&Bs Exploration & Services Company The Black Order The Black Petal Society
The Brasslocks The Chain Clan The Crimson Shrike
Dae Agar Adepts The Demonspeakers of Ciernasten The Dragon Knights of Drakon-Ur
The Enlightened Warriors of Sun La The Goblin Brotherhood The Green Shield
The Guilds of Trivium The Iron Spear Legion The Jarnsian Order
The Kyr Eldar Immortals The Order of Lions The Order of Raptors
The Order of Stone The Red Knights of Ciernasten The Riders of the Morning Star
The Scavenger League The Ten-Fold-Shadow Path The Wyvern Guard of Kanovar
The Wyrm Ivy Cabal



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