Aasimar SRD

Planar interactions are far less common within the Realm. Most of the Aasimar are several generations removed from the original outsider influence. Occasionally a Celestial being or other good outsider will bless a fetus or infant with special powers, making them an Aasimar even if they were not conceived that way.

Aasimar have the following adjustments within the Realm setting.

Type: Aasimar are Medium creatures that count as an outsider (native) and a humanoid (human) for any effect related to race, including feat prerequisites and spells that affect humanoids.

Languages: Aasimar begin play speaking Celestial and one Common language from their native Region. Aasimar with high intelligence scores can choose from the following; Draconic, Sylvan, any Elemental Language or other common language from their native Region.

Variant Heritage

Kami Blooded

Aasimar Cultures

Aasimar are typically too rare and isolated to form their own societies, but can leverage their unique talents to find some measure of acceptance wherever they choose to dwell. Nearly all Aasimar descend from human stock. While other races can produce Aasimar, they are rarities among an already rare breed.

Vall Aasimar
The nation of Vall possesses perhaps the largest concentration of Aasimar, most notably in the bloodlines that claim descent from Saint Aios. Vallan tradition dictates that children born Aasimar be given to the Church to be raised properly and trained in their abilities, but not all are.

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