Physical Description
The Guan are tall and strong, averaging 6ft in height and weighing a muscular 180lbs, with little difference between males and females. Guanan faces have wide, dark eyes (typically blue, but occasionally green, violet, yellow, or orange),and wide mouths with no nose to speak of (they have a series of nostrils behind the jawline that aid breathing and perceiving scents). Guan do not have individual teeth, but rather a hard dental ridge that serves the same purpose for cutting and grinding food. Skin coloration varies; the most common hues being Blue, Brown, Green, Red, or Violet. Males have darker coloration and are marked by striped bands on the limbs and torso. Females display lighter shades and do not have the striped markings. Freckling is common in both sexes. Otherwise, Guan skin is completely hairless and somewhat moist to the touch. Both sexes have a mass of tendril like organs that grow on the head and down along the neck and spine. Called “dao-kret”, these organs supplement the Guan’s sense of smell and are sensitive to changes in temperature and pressure.
Guan hands and feet have 4 digits, with the feet being over-sized and webbed.

The Guan are diurnal, but can adjust their sleeping patterns as needed. Their diets are primarily omnivorous, with a preference for vegetation and invertebrates. The Guan have a well developed sense of taste, and seek out novel flavors and textures.
Guanan are adaptible and can live in most environments a human can live in, but they have a decided preference for warm and humid climates, such as rain forests, tropical jungles, and swamps.
Guanan reproduce sexually, with females going into estrus once a year. Guanan females give live birth after a 6 month gestation period. Guanan do not nurse (and have no mammary glands), but feed their young in a manner similar to birds (regurgitating half-digested foodstuffs). Guanan children mature at a rate slower than humans, reaching physical maturity at 20 years of age.



Alignment & Religion


Guan Feats

Exotic Weapons
Guan make use of the following exotic weapons, and are treated as Martial Weapons for Guan with the Weapon Familiarity ability.

Racial Traits
+ 2 Strength, + 2 Intelligence; The Guan are blessed with great physical and mental might while having few weaknesses.
Medium Size Humanoid (Aquatic, Guan)
Speed: Guan base land speed is 30ft. Guan base swim speed is 30ft.
Low Light Vision: Guan can see twice as far as a human in poor lighting.
Hold Breath: Guan can hold their breath for a number of rounds equal to four times their Constitution score before risking drowning or suffocating.
Spatial Awareness The Guan have an uncanny awareness of their surroundings at all times, operating like a sixth sense. Guan receive a + 2 racial bonus on Perception checks, and always treat Perception as a class skill.
Technologist: Guan receive Technologist as a bonus feat.

Aging Effects: Adult 20 Middle Age 50 Old 75 Venerable 100 Maximum 100 + 5d20 years
Languages: Guan begin play speaking the Guanan language and at least one common language from their native region.

Alternative Racial Traits

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