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Halflings are a curious race. Halflings have a close relationship with humanity, and consider them cousins. The Halflings are known for their practical character, and most prefer the simple comforts of hearth and home to attaining wealth and glory. That being said, Halflings are known for being clever and quick-witted, frequently out smarting those that would underestimate them for their size. Some Halfling bloodlines also seem to possess an inherent wanderlust, and become respected travelers and adventurers.

Physical Description
Realm Halflings are small, averaging 31/2ft in height and weighing about 60 lbs, with females being somewhat shorter and slighter than males. They prefer to walk barefoot, leading to the bottoms of their feet being roughly calloused. Tufts of thick, curly hair warm the tops of their broad, tanned feet. Their skin tends toward a rich almond color and their hair toward light shades of brown. A Halfling’s ears are pointed, but proportionately not much larger than those of a human.

Most Halflings live in the shadow of humanity, living among them or forming their own small communities close to human settlements. Halflings are community and family oriented, placing great importance on ties of blood and communal loyalty. Halflings tend to be practical, with distaste for complicated politics or intrigues and most enjoy the simple pleasures of warm fire and good food. All Halfling cultures revere the art of storytelling, and maintain a rich oral tradition. Most Halflings are referred to by Nomads and Riverfolk as “Village Halflings”.

Some Halflings are nomadic, and travel the Realm in small caravans trading goods and services with the settlements they encounter. Halfling Nomads are more adventurous (and often more aggressive) than their more bucolic cousins. Nomadic Halflings are at once more reserved and outgoing than Village Halflings, more willing to interact with other races but less likely to share any true hospitality with them. Nomads refine the natural Halfling talent for remaining unseen, and the majority of adventuring Halflings have a Nomad upbringing.

Riverfolk is a name given to Halflings that make their homes and livelihoods on the Realm’s rivers, lakes, and bayous. The Riverfolk are considered to be rustic and superstitious, but are respected for their knowledge of nature and talent for magic. Riverfolk tend to be friendly but shrewd, and have a reputation for being swindlers and con artists of the highest order.

Wildblood Halflings are the tribal inhabitants of the Curtain Jungle. Unlike the Nomadic, River, and Village Halflings, the Wildblood shun the trappings of civilization, preferring to live closer to nature. The Wildblood are the least populous of the Halfling cultures, and are reclusive, rarely venturing from their territory, and are known for being aggressive and unwelcoming to outsiders.

A typical Halfling prides himself on his ability to go unnoticed by other races—it is this trait that allows so many halflings to excel at thievery and trickery. Most Halflings, knowing full well the stereotyped view other races take of them as a result; go out of their way to be forthcoming and friendly to the bigger races when they’re not trying to go unnoticed. Halflings are drawn to Human settlements, and many adopt elements of the dominant human culture as their own. They tend to consider elves, dwarves, and gnomes strange and exotic, and consider goblinoids and many other races to be bizarre, frightening and dangerous.

Alignment & Religion
Halflings favor neutrality, with the many being Good and a large number being Chaotic. Their love of family and friends is balanced by a pragmatism born of being small in a world full of large dangers. Village and Nomad Halflings follow the goddess Ranil, with a much smaller number usually adopting the largest religion practiced by nearby humans. Riverfolk also follow Ranil, but a slight minority follows the Old Ways. Wildblood Halflings are typically neutral and almost universally follow the Old Ways.

Halflings speak the Halfling language, Western, and at least one other human language (Central, Eastern, Northern, Southern, or Wyr). Many learn Dwarven, Elvish, Gnomish and Goblin as well.

Halflings adventurers often have a deep wanderlust, and many Halflings adventurer do so for excitement rather than for a cause or material gain. All Halfling cultures are diverse, but favor ones where their size is an advantage or at least isn’t a hindrance. Halfling Rogues are particularly common, as are Halfling Rangers and Clerics.

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