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Hobgoblins are militaristic and fecund, a combination that makes them quite dangerous in some regions. They breed quickly, replacing fallen members with new soldiers and keeping up their numbers despite the fortunes of war. They generally need little reason to declare war, but more often than not that reason is to capture new slaves—life as a slave in a hobgoblin lair is brutal and short, and new slaves are always needed to replace those who fall or are eaten.

Physical Description
Hobgoblins are muscular and have approximately the same range of heights as humans and superficially resemble their smaller goblin cousins, with similar facial features and large ears. While their heads are more proportionate to their bodies than goblins, hobgoblins tend to have slightly longer arms and shorter legs than a human of similar stature. Hobgoblins’ skin is most often a greenish grey but some sub groups have a more orange or reddish tone. It is common for Hobgoblins to be nearly hairless, but certain bloodlines are uncommonly hirsute. In either case, what hair they do have ranges from dark reddish-brown to black. Hobgoblins’ eyes are yellowish or dark brown, and their teeth are almost always yellowed.

Hobgoblins are one of the most populous races in the Realm. They refer to themselves as Ghaal’dar. While closely related to the smaller goblins, they are often taken more seriously due to their martial personalities and impressive physical bearing. Hobgoblins are brutally competitive, both among themselves and others. This ambition is tempered by a fondness for hierarchy and discipline. Hobgoblin culture has a proud military tradition and this fondness for the martial filters through every level of society. This societal tendency has given Hobgoblins one of the most formidable armies in the Realm, with quality equipment, brilliant tacticians, and ample manpower.

Hobgoblins are elitist, and consider themselves to be the most advanced culture in the Realm. While they are indeed a sophisticated culture, Hobgoblins harbor deep racial hatreds (notably against elves and dwarves), and wage wars of conquest frequently. Hobgoblins are willing to honor treaties and are notable traders and merchants (with a fondness for ore, food, weaponry and slaves). Hobgoblins have good relations with goblins, and often employ their small cousins as craftsmen, saboteurs and cannon fodder.

Alignment & Religion
Hobgoblins favor order and work well in hierarchies, but have a cruel streak and lust for conquest that makes most Hobgoblins Lawful Evil or Lawful Neutral. Dissent is not tolerated, so Hobgoblins who have contrary views are censured, exiled, re-educated, or slain outright. The priesthood of Ustrul is a powerful organization that claims most Hobgoblins as adherents, and even those that aren’t religious know when to pay the appropriate amount of lip service.

Hobgoblins have a martial tradition that reaches back centuries; most adventuring Hobgoblins are Fighters or Rangers. The majority of Hobgoblin spellcasters are Clerics or Wizards, with a focus on battle magic.

Racial Traits
The following traits are intended for the Realm Setting and may differ from what is presented in the Pathfinder RPG Bestiary I.

+ 2 Dexterity, + 2 Constitution; Generations of Darwinian breeding conditions have made Hobgoblins fast and durable.
Medium Size Humanoid (Goblinoid)
Normal Speed: Hobgoblins have a base speed of 30 feet.
Darkvision: Hobgoblins can see in the dark up to 60 feet.
Battle Hardened: Hobgoblins gain a + 1 racial bonus to CMD.
Aging Effects: Adult 14 Middle Age 30 Old 45 Venerable 60 Maximum 60+2d10
Languages: Hobgoblins begin play speaking Goblin, Southern and at least one other human language (Northern, Western, or Wyr). Hobgoblins with high intelligence scores can choose from the following; Dwarven, Elvish, Giant, Orc

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