The Sinha (sin-ha) are a race of humanoid felines, similar in appearance to lions and other great cats. While capable of living in a wide array of environments, most prefer the vast savannahs of the Sun Countries. They are a headstrong and aggressive people to outsiders, but are surprisingly loyal and protective to their own kind and to those they have befriended. That being said, a Sinha’s wrath is terrible to behold and they can hold grudges until their dying breath. Many take to an adventuring life in their youth, seeking glory and ways to prove their strength and prowess, but are expected to return home when they mature to assume of a life of duty and familial responsibility.

Physical Description
Sinha are large and powerfully muscled, with Male Sinha being an average of 6 1/2ft tall and weighing 250lbs.Female Sinha are somewhat shorter and lighter, averaging 6ft tall and weighing 200lbs. Both sexes have thick furry hides, typically in shades from tawny to black, often with striped or spotted markings. Males have full, dark manes that extend from their heads to mid-back, While females have smaller manes that go from the back of the head to the shoulders (and are typically a lighter shade than the manes of the males). Their faces have feline muzzles, large ears, broad noses, and eyes that range in shade from gold to green. Their teeth, jaws and throat are well-developed; and they are capable of speaking most languages.
Sinha have large, dextrous hands with vestigial claws. Their feet are padded (Sinha rarely wear shoes), and digitigrade. A long tail helps with balance and coordination.
While their fur gives them protection against the elements, The Sinha often wear tunics and cloaks of light fabrics. They also appreciate adornments, especially those made of gold and rare gemstones.

The Sinha are nocturnal, preferring to rest during the day, but can adjust their sleeping patterns as needed. Their diets are primarily carnivorous, but they do eat vegetation to promote health, preferring their vegetables cooked (as too much raw vegetation upsets their digestion).

The Sinha value loyalty – first to family, then to tribe, then to nation. Family groups tend to live and work in close proximity, and are led by the eldest and most respected member. The Sinha have a strong sense of hierarchy, with status determined by prowess, character, and accomplishment. Those with the highest status are considered Lords and Ladies among their people,and the greatest champions are treated as living legends. The Sinha value the strength of both genders and have few societal restrictions. However, females are often expected to be more sensible and responsible than their brothers, which can lead to some resentment.

The Sinha are territorial, and often forcefully eject outsiders from their lands. They have a special enmity for Gnolls, and the two races have been in a state of escalated hostility for as long as anyone can remember. With other races, they can be aggressive and condescending. This behavior is not typically malicious, but more because of the Sinha belief that until you have proven your strength, you are not worthy of respect. Needless to say, this has caused more than a few diplomatic incidents.
The Sinha have a very close relationship with the Ikatha (another race of feline humanoids). They are capable of interbreeding and many Sinha households have a number of members that are Ikatha. The progeny of a Sinha/Ikatha paring is always they same race as the mother.

Alignment & Religion
The Sinha are a people that value loyalty and tradition, making most lawful. They are not an overly kind or overly cruel people, making most Neutral as well. They follow a god they call Sinjua, who they associate with the sun and the protection of the family.

The Sinha are a proud and competent people, capable of following any path they desire. They aren’t known for their skills at husbandry, so rarely take classes or archetypes that offer familiars, animal companions, or rely heavily on mounts.

Sinha Feats

Racial Traits
+ 4 Strength, + 2 Dexterity, -2 Wisdom; The Sinha are fast and ferociously powerful, but are moody and emotional.
Medium Size Humanoid (Catfolk)
Speed: Sinha base land speed is 30ft.
Low-Light Vision: Sinha can see twice as far as humans in conditions of dim light.
Hunters Prowess: Sinha receive a +2 racial bonus on Stealth, and Survival checks. These are always a class skills for them
Predators Claws: Sinha have a pair of claws they can use as natural weapons. These claws are primary attacks that deal 1d4 points of damage.
Thick Hide: Sinha get a + 1 Natural Armor bonus due to thick skin and rugged fur.

Aging Effects: Adult 13 Middle Age 30 Old 45 Venerable 60 Maximum 60+2d10
Languages: Sinha begin play speaking Kishin-Ha, Southern and one other language. Sinha with high intelligence scores can choose from the following; Gnoll, Orc, Minotaur

Alternative Racial Traits

Lions Bearing: The Sinha is forceful and commanding. The Sinha gains a + 2 racial bonus to Diplomacy and Intimidate. These are always a class skills for them. This replaces Hunters Prowess.

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