The Svak-Rumeth (which translates into “least kin” in giant), are a bizarre mutation of troll stock that are smaller, weaker and heal slower than the average troll but make up for their weakness by having mental acuity unseen in the rest of their kind. While a Svak-Rumeth coupling will breed true, most are born to normal trolls. There is roughly a 1/1000 chance that any newborn troll will develop into a Svak, and the speed one must adapt to being the runt of the litter increases only their rarity.

Physical Description
Males on average are 7 feet tall and heavily muscled, but their hunched postures often make them appear slightly shorter. Females tend to be shorter by an inch but are bulkier. They lack the muzzles of their larger brothers, resembling more other giant kin, but their faces are elongated to fit a mouth full of wicked teeth. Skin tones vary wildly and envelop the entire ranges of both humans and orcs. Svak eye color is almost universally yellow, but cases heterochromia allow for some green and blue.

Like other trolls the Svak are primarily nocturnal, but will always try to be awake for the time the region they live has the most game. Although Svak prefer fresh meat they can eat a wide range of vegetation to sate their massive hunger. In lean times Svak swallow stones and other inedible objects in attempt to quell their appetite.

Svak can breed with each other or with normal trolls. Pairings with trolls have a 50% chance the child will be Svak. While two Svak will almost always birth Svak. Gestation occurs rapidly, only taking 4 months if the mother is a true troll and 6 months if she is a Svak. Likewise, the Svak mature at a rapid pace, reaching full maturity at 14. A special tincture made of troll blood can accelerate development even faster, forcing the child into adulthood at age 9 at the cost of mental development and suffering physical deformation.

Most Svaks are content living among giant kind and have no society of their own, but some grow tired of life under giant’s thumbs and either live with the short races or to found Svak settlements.


Svak tend to follow two paths. Some use their strength, great compared to the short races, to excel at melee combat. However, since they weak compared to their cousins many chose skill based or mystic classes to awe and control the stupider of their kin. Spells that can produce food can raise the social standing of a Svak overnight.

Svak-Rumeth Feats

Racial Traits


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