The Orc Tribes

Notable Settlements: Hrim Votar (80,000)
Ruler: Tribal Leaders
Languages: Central, Goblin, Northern, Orc, Southern
Religion: Raug, The Old Ways, Thuul

Most tribal Uruk sport simple leathers or furs and proudly wear trophies of previous battles as marks of prowess. They also favor ritual scarification, which they consider both a sign of religious devotion and beauty.

Major Tribes of the Realm

The Black Riders (Zu Zau Bartomu)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
The domineering Zu Zau Bartomu are fierce raiders, choosing to take resources from those to weak to protect them. They are truly nomadic, having few permanent settlements and generally shunning any lifestyle that would tie them to one place for too long. Despite their nomadic ways, the Black Riders obey a strict chain of command, with even the chieftains of the many war-bands owing fealty to the High Chief of the Black Riders.
True to their names, the Black Riders take a special pride in their mounts. They rely primarily on their breed of midnight black warhorses, but also keep a menagerie of other, more exotic riding beasts and pride them selves on their ability to break any animal to the saddle.

The Blood Storm (Zu Gijak Rufan)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

The Iron-Tusk (Zu Hokur Dhamab)
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

The Laughing Skull (Zu Gulan Rum)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
The Zu Gulan Rum was formed by an orc now known as Hrim the Deathclaw. After traveling alone, accumulating stories of might and power, he gathered what he considered were the greatest warriors. They took a war torn area of the Rufan Plains and became nomads on it, challenging any other groups they felt were worthy. Zu Gulan Rum honor strength, tenacity, and loyalty above all. War is personal for them, only in the sense that it is their great proving ground. But overall they are surprisingly friendly with lone travelers and small groups. Often trading or inviting them to join in drinking their special Laughing Soul Brew.

The Night Heart (Zu Nat Zemar)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

The Proud Ones (Zu Hsu Hai)
Alignment: Neutral
Zu Hsu Hai were originally an Orcish warband that interbred with various human barbarian tribes. They have a reputation for ferocity and fearlessness. While their blood may be half-orc and half-human, they breed true and rarely accept full blooded orcs or humans into the tribe (but have been known to adopt half orcs born outside the tribe). Zu Hsu Hai are fiercely loyal to each other, and honor pacts and oaths that stretch back generations. They frequently come into conflicts with smaller settlements within their considerable range, but rarely engage the larger or better equipped states, preferring to trade food, horses and leather goods with such instances.

The Scars (Zu Nujol)
Alignment: Neutral Evil

The Thunder Clan (Hrim Bajrak)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Their standard is three black lightning bolts on an orange field.

Major Tribes of the Northern Reach

(Zu Bot Za)

(Zu Rochmoor)

The Blood of Ice (Zu Gijak Akul Ob)

The Death Runners (Zu Vadok Rendurz)


Hrim Votar
Also known as Thunder Home, this city is one of the few permanent Orcish settlements and is home to the mighty Hrim Bajrak Orcs. The settlement is sprawling but surprisingly well organized.

Factions & NPC’s

Rune Bloodwake
Leader of the Hrim Bajrak and considered the mightiest Orc Warchief in the Realm.


The Orc Tribes

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